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Why Your Titles Should Be No Longer Than This

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

When you're writing your next post, consider this: 80% of people will read your blog headline, but only 20% will stay for the rest.  

So, if headlines are 400% more important than what comes after them (where there’s already ever-increasing competition to attract eyes), you need to be more concise than ever to get attention.

The Importance of Title Length

A guide on the right length for your post titles

If you want to keep your followers’ attention while conveying your brilliant wordplay, keep headline character counts as close as possible to 58 characters (including spaces).

Wait, did you even read this? Congrats, you’re among the 20%.

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What does The Kiwanis Club of Arroyo Grande Valley do?

We take on humanitarian and civic projects often beyond the reach of local public agencies.
What are some of the activities and programs we support?
Known as the Kiwanis Centenial Playground, we are currently striving to replace deteriorating playground equipment at Elm Street Park with new equipment
for all children.  
   We provide scholarships at
Arroyo Grande High School
and the Kiwanis Key Club at Nipomo High School.
We support the
Arroyo Grande High School Band and Colorguard.
We support the Arroyo Grande Robotics program.
We support the
Kiwanis Key Club
at Nipomo High School.
We provide children's food
for the Five Cities Christian Women Food Ministry.
Although we focus on children, our activities support others in need:
Holiday Melodrama program for senior care centers' shut-ins.
Care packages for our troops.
We also extend support to community projects:
Kiwanis Park cleanup.

Organizing and operating the Harvest Festival Parade.
Street tree decorating 
​for the holidays.
Picking up trash
​along Highway 1.